"Pursuing dreams must be everyone's basic right...

To love is human! Show some humanity"

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A Few Words About The Hurdler Educational Trust:

Founded with the cause to help talented poor children get the education they need, we can say we have come a long way in achieving what we dreamt about. We The Hurdler Educational Trust (fondly called HET) are a group of extremely active, mostly well qualified professionals, involved in social welfare activities, fund raising events, health camps, medical camps, dental camps, area clean-up activities and everything within our reach to help children, aged people and literally anyone in need with the support of our Founder/ President Mr. V. K. Paollao Rochi Raj and other trustees.

"Helping is twice blessed" we say, for when you help someone through us, you will be blessed back with twice of what you've given. Here at HET we provide donors with not only the usual "TAX-EXEMPTION" but also some very exclusive offers especially if you are located in Chennai. Interested about knowing how you will be twice blessed ??? Contact us !.

Few of Our Children : (For details please contact us)

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